My Namesake

I’m a documentarian. Stories are meant to be shared — it’s how we communicate with one another, make friends and keep a culture alive. My goal is to move people to think, feel, be inspired, take action, and most importantly, laugh.

I studied creative writing, fine art and photography in college and graduated before my 22nd birthday. Upon receiving a BA in English, I took off to Europe with friends for a month using money I’d saved since the age of 14. This experience abroad — along with returning home to a recession, what turned out to be a toxic relationship, and a 2-year abstinent sabbatical to find myself — triggered a growth in my writing, artwork and personal development.

These days I’m a freelance writer & editor with aspirations in publishing and media. In my free time I make art and run an online magazine called Killer Creatives. Sometimes I also make movies.

Twitter: @AlisaWrites, @burgerfoot, @killercreatives
Instagram: @burgerfoot

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey how come I didn’t know you had a website. this is pretty awesome. I’m going to look through it more.

  2. Thanks, dude. It’s not much compared to what I want my “website” to look like, but it’s a start.

  3. Sounds exactly like my years in my adv. dip. professional writing and editing. Except I was never really kind. Time wasters with a horrifying lack of talent copped the brunt of my frustration and cursing diatribes. Poor things.

    Thing that got me was your goals all over the place. That’s my problem. I just want to do everything.

    Yeah. Now I’m stepping up the online stalking to a whole new level huh. This is what happens when (an insomnica dreams, wait, sorry…no, when) I’m stuck in an office…

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