Jealous Guys

After 2 long years of soul-crushing hurdles and technical mishaps which almost drove me and my AD/editor completely mad, my first short film, “Jealous Guys,” is now premiering on YouTube.

In 2010, with no background in filmmaking whatsoever, I recruited a group of experienced film students and started the project blindly. Despite a handful of production meetings and readings with the actors, I didn’t know what I was doing and I allowed myself to be pressured into a corner that I couldn’t escape. Pretty soon the movie was out of my hands, and I was horrified by the end product. This movie meant a lot to me; it was a story I wanted to share and there was no way I would let it simply die. Over the next few months I sharpened my vision for this project and recruited a completely different crew to help me carry it out. This second shoot was way more fun, organized and precise — and a whole new learning experience altogether.

My team worked very hard on this film, and they made it the best it can be (which is fucking awesome, by the by). I want to thank every single person who was in any way involved in the making of this film, for without  you it couldn’t exist and therefore I wouldn’t be a filmmaker.

More to come!

Alisa Damaso

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