Write to Know Yourself

A page from one of my high school journals

I’m currently in the process of reviewing old work to possibly include in my writing portfolio. In my search I came across some essays, poems and narratives I wrote in high school. It’s really interesting to see how much my work has changed and evolved in the past 13 years. I’m rediscovering the subjects I explored at that fragile time in my life, when every experience was new and painful, every crush unrequited, and every realization was dressed in profanity. It’s important to look back every now and then to track your progress and growth as an individual, whole human being.

One of the benefits of writing every day is you’re able to document your lifeline. Having access to your thought processes during important points in your life is key to discovering yourself and could help you realize strengths and weaknesses you have. By recording events and thoughts, you evaluate your relationships with others, understand yourself better, refine your memory, and prevent yourself from making the same mistakes twice. And possibly address certain psychological problems you need to work on to prevent future heartbreak :)

If you haven’t been documenting your life, I strongly suggest you start now. Keep a journal and put your thoughts somewhere lest they disappear forever. Know yourself!

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