Got my TOMS, finally!

Last night there was a journal-making/bookbinding workshop with the lovely ladies of Rock Scissor Paper at the TOMS Give Shop and Gallery.   I went with my good friends Melanie, Richie and DJ.  Such fun!

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Check out for more crafts fun.

Tomorrow’s the last day of these TOMS Give Shop and Gallery events, so please check out to join in on the fun or just grab a pair of TOMS shoes!

These are the TOMS Classics with a design created from Dan Eldon’s own fingerprint taken from his passport.  I had to exchange my black stonewashed classics because they were too loose, and the fingerprint design was the only half-size they had in the DE designs.  But I think they’re more meaningful, anyhow! :)

[If you’re not familiar with TOMS, their motto is “One for One” — with each pair of TOMS shoes purchased, one pair is donated to a child in need in a developing country.  Each pair of TOMS comes with a TOMS flag which doubles as a sack, a TOMS sticker and a bracelet with the TOMS colors, baby blue and white (all pictured above with my new shoes).  This season is inspired by the art and life of Dan Eldon.  Get yours now!]

After the workshop, we went for beers at Stout on Cahuenga.  Never been there before, but we took our chances.  It was a cute, chic, dark place with three walls and one side exposed to Cahuenga Blvd.  I try not to do beers too often since I don’t want to perpetuate my pootch, but this place was within walking distance and they only served beer and burgers.  We were seated in a recessed booth with a round table too high for the low, low booth seating.  While I didn’t order a burger (although DJ got The Morning After, which consisted of a beef patty, an over-easy egg, aged cheddar and bacon), I ordered my favorite — Sweet Potato Fries — and some gigantic, amazing Onion Rings.  I didn’t know what to order beer-wise, so after hearing some of my favorites (Stella Artois, Fat Tire), the waitress suggested Maudite, which turned out to be freaking AMAZING!!!!  Probably the best I’ve had, ever.  It’s a crisp 8% strong dark beer, and you can really taste the clover.  EFFING DELICIOUS!!!!

Great Tuesday night :)

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