Happy 2011, Patrick Dempsey & Deziree Shirt

Happy New Year!

I haven’t updated in a while on account of a CRAZY holiday with my nuclear family.  My brothers, sisters-in-law, niece and COOPER (!!!!) came for a bit.  Lots of food, awesome gifts and laughs.  Lots of Patrick Dempsey movies, too.

By the by, Can’t Buy Me Love is a pretty damn awesome movie; it’s very honest and realistic, and the acting is perfect.  And the true star of the film — PD’s amazing, glorious, beautiful CURLS!  Swoon.

I think I love PD so much because his character in the film kind of reminds me of Dan Eldon, and I believe if Dan lived to be Patrick’s age, they’d look very similar.

Speaking of Dan Eldon, I finally had enough money to purchase this shirt from his website —

Most of the dough is donated to the Creative Visions Foundation, which makes me feel pretty good :)

Alright, it’s Saturday.  Got lots to catch up on.  Last night I made some black velvet drapes for my room, from scratch!  Woot woot, I love having a working sewing machine again!

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