Losing Car Keys, Holiday Decco

I had the day off today, which I used to run errands and rest after a very crazy night consisting of a really fun Tremello/Hotbodies show (my neck is sore from drunkenly (and Burgerfootly) dancing and head-banging so much), losing my car keys, venturing off with some friends, scarfing Tommy’s chili cheese fries and finally having to sleep tensely on a dirty sofa  in my dirty clothes wrapped in a dirty sleeping bag in a dirty, smelly house until I could meet up with my mom at 8am to get the spare key.

Sporadic sleep, tossing and turning, the pitter-patter of constant rain in varied intensities, the occasional canyon traffic whizzing to and fro throughout the dark morning, and a flurry of psycho-nervous manifestations of my worry and dread.  Every hour or less, I woke from nightmares of what may have happened to my keys, and what might possibly happen to my car — my poor Tits MaGee, left out in the rain near some NorHo warehouse on a corner like some old, beat-up sofa or a dead Christmas tree.  I kept imagining some dumb kid picking my keys out of a puddle, finding my car, then drunkenly and giddily driving it off a cliff and finally landing in a superfluous Walker-Texas-Ranger explosion.

But no, everything went fine.

I had to wake Myly up all early and she got me to my car, half-asleep, where my mom was waiting in her car with my keys.  The ride in the heavy rain through the canyons in the fog  on the way was pretty delightfully eerie.

Someone even found my keys and I’m picking them up tomorrow.  PRAISE JAYZUS!

So today I got to spend some time going around thrifting, which I rarely get to do anymore (because this move kind of messed up my rhythm and I have to find it again).  I came across these big, colored lights much like the ones my Dad put up on the house I grew up in.  I adore these kinds of lights and, although the new kinds of lights are pretty cool, I’ve always preferred these modest, simple old-school ones.  I even picked up a small vase to put them in —

This cost me less than $3 to put together.  Holla!

I also picked up this great straw hat with a big black ribbon/bow, a black military trench coat and a couple gifts for loved ones.  Not as productive a day as I’d liked, but not bad.  I even got to watch an awesome, gnarly rain shower as I was checking out of Goodwill.

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