My Birthday

So I turned 24 yesterday.  Made no big difference; I still feel 21…

My parents took me to More Than Waffles for breakfast (mmmmm).  Notwithstanding, I wasn’t in the mood for anything more than waffles, so I just ordered a belgian with peaches and whipped cream.

I worked from 1-6:30.  My boss Scott got me tickets to LUCHA VaVOOM next month at the Mayan Theater!!!  I’m so fucking stoked about that.

When I got home, Myly came over with a mint chocolate chip cake and she and my mom sang Happy Birthday for me :)  I really feel my wish will come true this year because we used wacky spiral candles.   We all know wacky spiral candles always do the trick…

A little after the candle-blowing, my friend Chris came over and gave me my birthday gift — a build-it-yourself pinhole camera and some film! — so awesome.  I’ve always wanted one.  He was gracious enough to take shots of Patron with me before we left for Corbin Bowl :)

I’d had quite a few drinks by the time the rest of my party started showing up.  Myly got me a shot of Patron at the bar, Chris got me a Malibu Pineapple, and when Steph and her date came, they brought me a Tequila Sunrise.  And then the amazing Aimee appeared not too long after — bearing gifts!  Gifts and gifts and gifts galore!!!

Birthday Goodies -- Beach Boys, Mister Rogers, The Stones, Elton John and ELO records, vintage "Prince Albert" (lol) tobacco from 1904, vintage matchbook, vintage Japanese lighter, vintage brooch all from Myly and Aimee, pinhole camera and film from Chris and TONS of Estee Lauder makeup from my mom :D

I sang “Last Dance” by Donna Summer, Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” with Aimee and  “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads.

Here’s a few vids —

(As you can tell, the KJ was a douche…)

My very good friends Karis and Billy drove out from SB and joined the party, too!  Karis sang the 90’s hit “What I Am” and Billy sang “Kiss From A Rose”, opera style.  Shannon and Lucas made an appearance, as well.  At the end of the night we hit up the arcade next to the bar, consumed some Dippin’ Dots obtained from a vending machine nearby, and then I ran down a bowling lane (per Shannon’s suggestion) and slipped backwards on my wedge heels.  Hit my ass and head, but I was loaded so I didn’t feel anything.  Hilarious!  The miserable lane attendant acted like I should have been a sober, clear-thinking, poised, respectable human being — “Yeah, I bet you’re not doing that again…”  Umm, I’m drunk and it’s my birthday — I’m so down to make an ass out of myself.  If anything, it was funny, and you should laugh.  Not get all jealous of my youth.  I’m not barfing all over your bowling alley or crying and screaming about a stupid boy or how shitty of a person I think I am.  I’m not making an expensive mess you’ll eventually have to clean up.  Go spray some sour bowling shoes with Lysol and lick a shitty, bitter asshole while you’re at it.  I’m having good time.

We caused a bit of a ruckus after that.  Went over to Denny’s to stuff our faces.  Service at 3am really sucks…

Anywho,  I am so glad I got to spend my birthday with the dearest of my dear friends ^__^  Thank you everyone who made it out, and thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I had such an awesome, wonderful time.  LOVE YOU ALL!


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